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Stuff: Things I sometimes need but can't find
Firmware for the Gigaset DECT Bases N300(IP), N300A(IP) and N510 (pro) and possibly also

Ensure that under no circumstances you upgrade from an https server or you will brick your DECT base - NO recovery is possible.

Dial Plans
Linksys PAP2 type devices and Cisco SPA112 and similar. VF with bonus Music On Hold. (999S0|11[1234579]S0|10xS0|105S0|1x7[1-9]S0|123S0|16xS0|15[0234568]S0|116xxxS0|118xxxS0|1995S0|2xxS0|**1571xxxS0|**2xxS0|xxx*xxxS0|3xxxxxxx*xxxS0|1410[1-9]xxxxxxxxxS0|14700[1-9]xxxxxxxxxS0|0[1-9]xxxxxxxxxS0|14100[1-9]x.|147000[1-9]x.|00[1-9]x.|*x.|*x#|*xx|*xx#|*#xx#|**x|*xx*|*xxx#|*#xxx#|#xxx#|#xx#)

snom 300 / 320 / 370 IP Phones
Special Firmware very forgiving of Command Sequences and Busy Lamps. and possibly also and possibly also and possibly also

This allows Multi-function Function Keys, such as combined Busy Lamp Monitoring and Call Pick-Up!

For example, Context, choose the matching ID, Type is BLF, Number 3000000*333|!**333

Don't panic when saving converts the format to sip:30000000*|!**333

Security Update for snom 300 / 320 / 370 IP Phones
Officially a Beta Firmware, improves security and retains Command Sequences and Busy Lamps. and possibly also and possibly also and possibly also

snom 710
Special Firmware to escape wild AGC headset problems.

snom guest config
Take the guesswork out of all of the hundereds of settings options in the phone.

For example: and

Gigaset DECT Bases
Neat units, with broad handset compatability.

Made safer by following this article:

Openreach SSFPs - Misunderstood as Service Specific Face Plate
They're officially Service Specific Front Plates!

MK1 - was the original VDSL iPlate

MK2 - contains an in-built RF filter to handle.

MK3 - contains an improved RF filter to better handle REIN - it has a few extra turns on the coil.

So on a good quality short line an MK2 could go faster, but it would be less effective at handling noise or errors.

Network Discovery
The advanced - ip - scanner . com is pretty decent. On a mobile or tablet fing is suggested.
DNS Broken?
Try to confirm traffic. This may become phased out, in which case try
snom needs DND changing?
Try and/or
snom remote call release
SPA Firmware
Easy way Or if TFTP available